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Eva Green is starring in the upcoming blockbuster Dark Shadows along side super A lister Johnny Depp.  Eva Green has been on our radar for awhile now after her role as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.  She has tantalizing quality that few other actresses have.  There is just something so dark and sexy about Eva (probably why Tim Burton choose her Dark Shadows) that you really can’t resist looking at her.  As a French actress, she’s is willing to be a bit more risque than her Hollywood counterparts (check out her movie debut in Dreamers), but regardless she is an enchantingly beautiful lady that we can all appreciate.

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Its been all the news today…Oxnard School District teacher moonlighting as a porn star. The teacher in question is apparently named Stacie Halas (unconfirmed) and performs under the name Tiffany Six. Though there aren’t many details on the web, nothing indicates that she is still “performing”. Personally, I think the media makes this a bigger deal then it is especially with other global matters lacking news coverage but the reality is its an attention grabbing topic (heck, I’m writing about it here, though we have greater reason than the LA Times to). Hopefully this matter gets resolved quickly and that both the school and Ms. Halas can move on… Nevertheless I do have to admit I wish all my science teachers looked as hot as she does.

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Everybody is asking who is that hot girl in black in Carl’s Jr. Drive-In Theater commercial is.  Well the sultry new jalapeno burger girl is none other than Sports Illustrated’s cover girl Kate Upton.  If you don’t know who she is you should get familiar because this girl has been on the rise in the modeling/fashion scene as of late.  You can find her face (and curves) in Dooney & Burke, Guess and Victoria Secret campaigns.  There’s really a lot to like about the girl…and mean when’s the last time you got turned on watching someone do the dougie…

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Tetyana Veryovkina (aka Tatyana Veryovkina, Tatiana Very) is a hot Italian Model. Plain and simple her black and white photos are stunning and she is freaking gorgeous. Don’t really know too much about Tetyana but she was the cover girl for the July 2010 issue of Italian Fox Uomo Magazine. Needless to say, “hot” and “Italian Model” already says plenty about Tetyana Very.
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If you caught Jackass 3D over the weekend, you might be wondering who was that cute hottie (Granddaughter) Grandpa Knoxville was making out with in one of the skits.  Well her name is Angie Simms  and according to her MySpace she’s an 18 year old “Actress, Model, Stare Champion” (love the sense of humor).  Besides Jackass 3D it looks like Angie has appeared in a few short films and also on the television show Greek.  Hopefully appearing in the Jackass movie will boost her profile and get this piercingly beautiful girl onto more film sets.

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Doutzen Kroes? Does the name not look familar?  Do you even know how to pronounce her name?  Well this Dutch angel graces the walls and pages of Victoria Secrets.  I say she’s under-appreciated because it seems like the other “Angels” get way more attention or exposure (namely Adrianna Lima, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, etc.).  Regardless, Doutzen Kroes is just ridiculously hot and truly the epitome of eye candy. Check out more of her photos here

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Erin Marie Hogan is probably the only positive thing to come out of me watching Paranormal Entity , a poor ripoff of the hit movie Paranormal Activity.  To give you some perspective, Paranormal Entity is to Paranormal Activity as Eddy Curry is to Dwight Howard.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but notice the attractive actress Erin Marie Hogan in the movie.  She is not your typical hottie, but more of a girl next door (which is kinda hot in itself) who definitely holds her own as a horror flick chick.  See More Pics

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Watching one of Spain’s FIBA World Championship games, I caught a glimpse of Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend Irina Shayk. All I have to say is Cristiano is a very lucky guy because Irina is one of the hottest girls in the world. Coming from a small village in Russia, Irina Shayk is now an international super model who is a frequent on the Swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated. You might have also caught a glimpse of Irina Shayk in as the hot angel below Kanye West in his video “Power”. I’m sure we’ll see more of Irina in the years to come! See More Photos

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Now that you know what “Like a G6” refers to, you’re probably wondering who is that hot girl in the red dress in the music video. Well say hello to Miss Erica “Like a g6 girl in red” Ocampo, a 22 year old actress, model, and make-up artist who currently resides in Los Angeles CA. Erica is still relatively unknown but should be getting noticed with her exotic French and Filipino looks. See more photos!

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Gracing the cover of September’s Playboy issue is British model Kelly Brook promoting the new movie Piranha 3D.  How does this girl stay fit, well Kelly attributes her amazing curves to “having tons of sex.”  There’s really not much else to say here, but much, much more to see.  Check out Kelly’s Playboy cover photo and more hot photos of this British bombshell. See here…

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